👋 I strongly advocate for systems thinking and compassion as tools that shape helpful solutions in technology

Product Designer for B2C @ Sketchy / Previously B2B at Clutter

Sketchy —Graphite Design System

Unifying patterns, components, and themes across multiple product lines at Sketchy

Sketchy —Consolidating Internal Tools

Expanding and restructuring SketchyMedical's internal database to serve different departments

Sketchy —Testing Knowledge Recall

Allowing medical students to create and customize quizzes to test their recall with proprietary content

Sketchy —Rise of Mobile Learning

Redesigned iOS app to optimize for mobile learning and completed remaining flows for remote team

Clutter —Expanding Core Services

Conducted customer journey research to validate expanding Clutter's offerings to include self-service storage

Clutter —Reducing Company Expenses

To save 3-6% on company's yearly expenses, built a feature that allowed HQ to auto-cancel jobs and track intermediate events