I'm obsessed with asking deep questions because I care about the problems all of us are facing — no matter how large or small.

Product designer for medical education at Sketchy, previously at Clutter. My multidisciplinary background allows me to tackle opportunities that yield the most value. Read more here.

Interactive Study Outline

A supplemental visual tool for medical students to compartmentalize concepts

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Expanding SketchyMedical's internal database to serve different teams and departments

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SketchyMedical iOS

Redesigned the SketchyMedical iOS app and completed remaining flows for remote team

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Medical Question Bank

Allowing medical students to create and customize quizzes to test their recall

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Graphite Design System

Unifying patterns, components, and themes across multiple product lines at Sketchy

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Storage and Moving at Clutter

Designed and tested iOS feature aimed to reduce company spending by 3-6%

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