Hello! I'm Kelley.

I'm a Product Designer currently at Sketchy, an edu-tech startup and the #1 resource for medical students, and previously at Clutter, an enterprise, SaaS company that offers premiere moving and storage services in 10 cities nationwide.

My design practice is heavily guided by user research and discovery. Obsessed with human-computer interaction, my vision is to design tools that serve communities and free time for people to pursue their passions. Feel free to take a look at my resume or Medium if you're curious!

Why are you a designer?

Spoiler: I wanted to be a neurosurgeon in college. But at some point in time, I had to stop and re-evaluate how I could play my part. How could I best use my inherent skills and deep passion for human behavior?

As an empath, I knew that I was naturally curious. I liked questions. And I realized that I liked asking questions. Because when I asked good questions, I dug deeper and deeper until I revealed a truth. My constant questioning is what fueled my decision to study cognitive science and behavioral psychology.

As a creative, I knew that I liked drawing archetypes (I'm really good at Pictionary). My desire to create consistently manifested as doodles and sketches. Throughout my education, I've found myself gravitating towards composition and color, eventually studying human perception in every day life.

I'm a designer because I am obsessed with the human condition and I find joy in transforming my curiosity into intensive research, product strategy, and sketches.

Who are you outside of work?

Two words. Meditation and music.

I firmly believe that mindful awareness can help anyone no matter what they are facing, and I feel compelled to share my personal experience with others. I became certified as a yoga teacher in Nov 2019 to understand movement meditation and start a 2-year meditation teacher training program in Feb 2021.

If you've ever met someone that never forgets a face, that's like me but with sound; I'll recognize anything if I hear it again. I organize my music into playlists on Spotify and used to be a diehard SoundCloud user, but Spotify won me over with their audio quality and design.

I'd say more, but I'd be just as happy chatting with you in real time.

Let's connect!

Drop a line at kelleytmnguyen@gmail.com or connect with me on LinkedIn!